The ultimate ceramic exterior coating

Lifetime coatings Spray on siding Specializes in Exterior Thermal Insulation ceramic coatings. By now you’ve probably heard a thing or two about ceramic microspheres in industrial paints and coatings. Here we will explain why ceramic microspheres are so useful. Lifetime coatings can be applied over wood, concrete, block, EIFS, stucco, metal roofs and many more. Lifetime coatings Thermal Insulation Coatings are the top choice for a wide variety of thermal insulating coatings applications over many commercial, industrial and residential substrates for walls and roofs. Lifetime coatings industrial thermal insulation coatings solve corrosion-under-insulation (CUI) by both insulating and preventing corrosion with a single product. Our thermal coatings are multipurpose spray-applied products that are simple to deploy. Lifetime coatings provide a true maintenance-free coating, Applied in a 3 coat process at over 10x the thickness of standard paint. It is much more resistant to fading and oxidizing. It is also much more resistant to mold and mildew growth and requires much less pressure cleaning over the life of the coating.

More Uniform Application

All paints and coatings use some type of filler material in conjunction with the resin to produce the final finish. However, other paint products typically use irregular fillers that do not necessarily flow well together. These irregular fillers leave large gaps which require excessive resin to fill. When applied, deposits that lack sufficient filler material can begin to sag or run, causing imperfections in the finished product. With Lifetime coatings Spray on siding ceramic microspheres, the spherical shape provides a much-needed increase in uniformity. While individual spheres may vary in size, all spheres can fit together where smaller ones fill in the gaps. This drastically reduces wear and prevents sagging and runs from happening in applying the coating. This Allows more mill thickness to be applied in each of the 3 coats to the substrate

Increased Durability

Lifetime coatings Ceramic microspheres coatings also come in handy when you need a very durable surface. Obviously, ceramics provide an inherent hardness rating that you can’t find in any other filler material currently being used. In addition, the use of spheres increases durability because a sphere is a very stable shape that can take abuse without cracking. The same cannot be said of irregularly shaped fillers that do not have strong internal structures. Once the ceramic microspheres link together to form a bond with the resin, they become even more durable against scratches, cracking and more. Plus, ceramic is able to withstand regular contact with industrial chemicals without breaking down. Lifetime coatings are the ultimate exterior permanent coating solution. It comes with a 30-year warranty and saves money and energy for the life of the project

With Lifetime coatings you always receive a free, professional exterior coating consultation during which you’ll be given a knowledgeable opinion on how best to proceed. We understand the challenges that come with coating different substrates and we can help you understand the solutions. A detailed proposal will be sent to you with a fixed cost to complete the work. Call us for a free estimate at 757 718 4162.

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