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Lifetime Coating Spray On Siding has never failed when applied according to manufacturers specification since 1987

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Lifetime Coatings Spray On Siding was developed over 30 years ago in England for use on masonry finishes to solve their serious leeching problem. In 1987, the rights were acquired for manufacturing for the United States. At this time, extensive research was conducted in areas with extreme annual temperature and climate ranges. The product was tested in Canada, where it often exceeded expectations. It was then tested in Hawaii where wood frame structures deteriorate rapidly in the tropical climate, salt air, and rain. California, Nevada, and Washington State were next. This gave the product a full range of application results from extreme cold to the warm, moist, salt environment, and the arid heat. Applications in these extreme climates over the last twenty years has proven, with hundreds of testimonials on file, that Lifetime Coatings Spray On Siding is the overall best, most economical, and longest lasting exterior coating on the market today.

Lifetime Coatings Spray On Siding is the original and ultimate exterior coating for all residential, commercial, or industrial application. Lifetime Coatings will retain the appearance of a fresh coat of paint with absolutely no cracking, chipping, peeling, flaking, chalking, or fading.


In the past, when searching for cosmetic renovation for masonry, stucco or wood frame buildings, owners had limited choices. Paint, along with aluminum siding and texture coatings, were used as inexpensive means of upgrading deteriorated exteriors. More recently, vinyl siding alleviated some of the problems presented by paint and aluminum siding. Vinyl siding has acceptable appearance, but its application is difficult. It also has limited existing colors available for fascia, trim, railings, posts, and property walls or fences, and it changes the original appearance of the home. Paint will cover these problem areas, but recent EPA guidelines have removed most of the additives that provided a long lasting painted finish. In effect, paint products have regressed to an earlier period, and are now short lived. This has created a high consumer demand for another permanent exterior finish solution. Lifetime Coatings is now gaining popularity in the residential market.

Finally, there is an answer to painting every 3 to 5 years. Lifetime Coatings guarantees you will NEVER HAVE TO PAINT AGAIN.


What causes a home to rot, stucco to crack, and paint to peel and blister? Moisture does!! It is a homes worst enemy. Building materials are porous and absorb moisture. Moisture causes building materials to rot, stucco to crack, and paint to peel and blister. Dry building materials do not rot, crack, peel or blister. With Lifetime Coatings sealing ability and permeability, the extreme moisture problems associated with our humid climate are eliminated allowing you to have your wood homes, crack free stucco, and masonry without the moisture problems. Lifetime coating Spray On Siding contains a mildicide and has been proven to have a total absence of growth of mold and mildew (see test data).


Lifetime Coatings consists essentially of a mixture of resins, polymer particles,3m microspheres mildecides, binders and pigment. As it dries, these particles move closer together, until ultimately, they are fused into a tough, continuous film. Though strong and durable enough to stand up to years of outside exposure, this film is not 100% continuous. There are tiny microscopic openings that allow vapor to escape, but will not allow liquid to flow through. This permits your home to “breathe” by allowing moisture to escape and pass into the atmosphere.

10 Times Better Than Paint

Lifetime Coatings will still look just like a fresh coat of paint long after ordinary, or even elastomeric, paint would become discolored, faded, mildewed, and cracked. Lifetime Coatings has much higher viscosity than paint, is very mildew resistant, and is capable of expanding up to 800%. It stands up to extreme temperature changes far better than brittle materials such as paint or ceramic. Lifetime Coatings needs no paint thinner, and does no environmental damage . It comes with a lifetime transferable warranty, so you have no worry about repainting your exterior again.

If you are lucky, Paint goes on your surface 1 mil thick. The laser paper you use for your printer is 4 mils thick (four times thicker than paint). This leaves a very thin brittle surface that does not breathe. Because all the harmful VOC’s have been removed to protect our environment (lead, mercury etc) paint has lost it’s ability to resist fading, cracking and peeling. In the last few years paint has almost gone back to the consistency of the whitewash our previous generation had to re-do every year or two. Lifetime Coatings dries at 16 to 18 mils thick (16 to 18 times thicker than paint), yet will enhance the natural look of the wood grain or stucco and keep it looking good for a lifetime

Lifetime Coatings is the only product on the market containing more than 54% solid polymer resins. Other products rely on ceramic (which cannot expand and contract with your house – leaving you with chips and cracks as soon as the weather changes), elastoemeric paint (that can discolor and fade, is highly subject to mildew and cracking and does not allow your home to breathe)

Keeping the Original Beauty

Since Lifetime Coatings is applied directly to the walls of your home it retains the natural brick, stucco, or wood grain texture and look of your home to maintain its original beauty and architectural integrity. There are no parts, no seams, and nothing to warp, bow, sag, or fall off of the house. Lifetime Coatings appears exactly like a fresh coat of paint. The appearance is so authentic that Lifetime Coatings had been approved for use on historic buildings in districts throughout the country.

* Remember , Lifetime Coatings Spray On Siding has an 31 year history without a failure. Check out the spec test results below. *Notice the mold and mildew test results

Specification Data

Finish:Matte, (low-gloss) finish
Gloss:8 – 10 (O.N.)
Recommended Film Thickness:20 mils wet
12 mils dry
Dry Time:Under 30 minutes
VOC:Under 250 grams per liter
Viscosity:110 – 120 KRB
P/B Ratio:1.310
Specific Gravity:1.26
PH:8.5 – 9




Weight per gallon

C.G.S.B. 1-GP-71
Method 2.1

12.26 US/Imp

Solids Content,
by weight

C.G.S.B. 1-GP-71
Method 21.1



ASTM D-1653

15.3 perms
Excellent breathability

Elongation at Break Average

ASTM D-412


Elongation, @23’C
55% R.H.
crosshead speed
20 cm/min

ASTM D-2370
ASTM D-412
Die C dumbell cutter


Tensile Strength

ASTM D-412

142 psi

Cold Temperature Flexability

ASTM C-711


Fungus and Mildew Resistance

ASTM D-3274

Total absence of growth


ASTM D-1308


Water Vapor Transmission


2.12 grains per hr per ft.

Accelerated Weathering 6000 hrs


No chalking, discoloration

Wind Driven Rain (98 MPH)
Federal specification TTC 555B

Flow Rate
@ 63 U.S. gal. per hour

Passed in triplicate

Shore A Hardness

ASTM D-2240


Flame Spread



Smoke Density



Hiding Power
(Black & White Chart)

C.G.S.B. 1-GP-71
Method 14.1

200 ft./Gal.

Adhesion Cure @ 75

F/50% RH: 7 –10 days

Flame Spread (ASTM

84-97A): 0, Class 1

Smoke Contrib. (ASTM-84

-97A): 5, Class 1

Flash Point (ASTM D3278): >200 F (93C)

*ASTM D-3359, Pulloff Adhesion (exceeds standards).

*ASTM D522, Flexibility (remains flexible over time does not become brittle and crack).

*ASTM D3359, Paintability (passed, can be over painted).

*ASTM D2794, Impact Resistance (160+in.lbs. -exceeds testing standard).

*ASTM D3273, D3274, Mildew Resistance (passed).

*ASTM D2370, Tensile Properties (245 psi).

*ASTM D-3960, Zero VOC’s (below  25  ppm detection limit for specified test method).

*ASTM D1653, Permeability (0.6  perms), water vapor can pass through the multilayered protective membrane formed through the coating process (“lets the building breathe”) Passed.

*ASTM G53, Weathering/Aging (1,000 hours) no chalking, cracking or peeling.

*ASTM B117 Salt Fog Chamber ( no blistering or rusting after 1,500 hours of exposure).

*ASTM D4585 Humidity Chamber (no blistering or rusting after 1,400 hours of exposure)


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