Lifetime Coatings Spray On Siding

Lifetime Coatings Spray On Siding is a long-lasting exterior coating that prevents the buyer from having to re-protect their homes every few years. It is much more than an alternative to traditional paint; it’s a lifestyle change that can dramatically affect the way your home is taken care of.

Consider the pros and cons and of vinyl siding, including your budget, and your needs and wants. While Lifetime Coating may not be the immediate solution for everyone, choosing to invest in it will likely yield more benefits than not.

Lifetime Coatings Spray On Siding vs. Traditional Paint
There are a few reasons why Lifetime Coatings may be a better option than traditional paint. It can act as a lifetime exterior paint in most cases. First of all—cost. Lifetime Coatings is cheaper than conventional paint when you consider the overall usage. Another factor is maintenance. Using regular paint, a home would need a new coat every 3-5 years, while lifetime coatings requires less maintenance and lasts much longer, without the hassle. Regular paint is much thinner and is subjective to wear and tear from weather, while Lifetime Coatings can be applied with the thickness of a credit card and still be ten times stronger than regular paint. Some key features of Lifetime Coatings are: mildew and fungus resistant, doesn’t crack or peel, water and UV resistant, pest resistant, stays clean longer and is eco-friendly. Not to mention, most times Lifetime coaitngs is guaranteed for at least a decade. Like traditional paint, exterior vinyl paint is available in a wide variety of colors.

The Lifetime Coatings Spray on Siding Process
While the Lifetime Coatings process can vary from company to company, it generally follows the same steps. Typically, the first step in the Lifetime Coatings process is to trench around the perimeter of the house or foundation, allowing the coating to be below grade. The next move is to inspect the surface of the area for cracks and other defects. Once the area has been properly inspected, light fixtures and other items are removed from the area. An initial protectant spray coating to remove mildew, dirt and grime is applied, followed by a quick power wash to remove the dirt loosened up by the spray. Using tape (for window ledges) and plastic, all areas that aren’t going to have Lifetime Coatings applied is thoroughly covered. From there, any defects are remedied before the process begins. After a conditioner is applied and any cracks are covered, a thermal barrier follows, (helps regulate temperature of the home) and then a topcoat.

Things To Know Before You Buy Lifetime Coatings Spray On Siding
The first thing you need to know about Lifetime Caotings is that, unlike conventional painting methods, you can’t apply it yourself. The Lifetime Coatings process is an intricate one, and professionals who know what they’re doing should be hired to apply it. That being said, another important factor is the company you contract to do the work for you. If it isn’t done correctly, it could damage your house in the long run; picking a company that has a reputation and values customer service is essential.

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