Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who am I dealing with?
A. Our company management and production crews are comprised of people with many years of home restoration and renovation experience. We obtain much of our work from customer referrals therefore: OUR REPUTATION STANDS BEHIND EVERY JOB WE DO. OUR JOB IS COMPLETE WHEN THE CUSTOMER IS SATISFIED.

Q. How long has Lifetime Coatings Spray On Siding been around?
A. . Many jobs in the United States are 20 years old. The original projects in England are reaching and unprecedented 35 years old. Lifetime Coatings has been time tested in the harshest environments.

Q. What kinds of surfaces can Lifetime Coatings Spray On Siding be applied on?
A. LLifetime Coating can be applied to virtually any unpainted, painted, or stained surfaces including wood, hardie plank, Masonite, composite board siding, vinyl and aluminum siding, stucco, masonry, brick block, and certain metal surfaces. Liquid Vinyl Siding is not recommended for roofs and surfaces that one might walk on, such as decks; however, we can coat railings, porch ceilings, lattice, and columns.

Q. What other well known places have been permanently coated?
A. Many Government buildings in Canada, the United States, and many Coastal lighthouses. Lifetime Coatings was specifically selected for these public buildings because of its exceptional durability and technical superiority.

Q. Yes. Government EPA regulations forced the removal of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) from paint, reducing its resistance to the elements, therefore shortening the life span. Also, paint is very porous and the mildew spores get inside the paint and allow for growth. Latex paint is a mildew food and the mildew will actually eat the latex. The strongest fungicides allowed by the EPA are in the coating of Lifetime Coatings so mildew will not grow.

Q. What is the cost of Permanently Coating my home?
A. Every home is unique. Contact our office for a free appointment and estimate. We offer the best rates and quality in the industry.

Q. What is the cost compared to traditional siding?
A. Typically, Lifetime Coatings is equal to or less than quality vinyl siding. This Coating can increase the value of your home, and restore it to its original appearance.

Q. Have you done any Historic homes?
A. YYes, Lifetime Coatings will restore the home to its original condition looking just like a freshly painted home preserved for a lifetime of ownership.

Q. Can I apply Lifetime Coatings myself?
A. Lifetime Coatings is sold and installed by authorized dealers to maintain the integrity of the product and the warranty. Most homeowners do not have the commercial equipment needed to apply Lifetime Coatings, nor have the expertise and training necessary to properly install it. Lifetime Coatings is not like ordinary paints. Strict guidelines, according to strict specifications, must be adhered to during the application procedure.

Q. How is it applied?
A. . After a thorough preparation of the sides of your building, a three-coat system is applied by high viscosity spraying equipment, brushing, rolling or any combination thereof.

Q. Does it look like paint?
A. Yes! Lifetime Coatings is applied in three separate coats, with a thickness eight to ten times greater than paint. It has a smaller molecular structure, which attributes to its paint like appearance, but lasts for a lifetime.

Q. How long does this process take?
A. While some jobs can be completed in as little as three days, most homes can be completed within 5 working days.

Q. Can it be color matched?
A. Yes, it can be custom tinted and computer matched to any color.

Q. NEVER PAINT AGAIN? Is it really true?
A. Yes, this unique formulation has withstood the test of time in all climates from some of the harshest weather Mother Nature has to offer.

Q. Tell me about the lifetime warranty.
A. As long as you own your home, you will never paint again, as long as your building is properly maintained.

Q. Is the homes ability to breath an issue?
A. Absolutely! A non-breathable coating will cause extensive rotting to your building. Lifetime Coatings creates a highly breathable surface, which is waterproof. Much like your skin, moisture can escape, but rain, even wind-driven rain, can’t get in.

Q. How does it withstand the harsh Northeast rain and snowy seasons and the heat and humidity of the southeast?
A. Exceptionally well! Our product has been tried and tested for over 20 years in the harsh Canadian climate and tropical conditions of Hawaii. Lifetime Coatings is a waterproof coating with exceptional characteristics, which allow it to perform well in these environments.

Q. Is Lifetime Coatings the same as other vinyl type coatings?
A. No! Other products may have a minimal amount of quality Titanium Dioxide Ti02 or actual emulsified polymer material in their formula, hardly enough to make a difference, or no polymer at all! As a result, the coating does not hold up, causing premature failure. Paints just don’t hold up anymore. With lead and other protective ingredients removed from paint formulas, ordinary paint offers only limited protection. Your home should be repainted every couple of years, yet most homeowners wait 4 to 5 years before repainting. Lifetime Coating will protect and beautify your home for as long as you own it. It is applied at about the thickness of a credit card, which is up to 15 times thicker than an average coat of paint. Lifetime coating has been proven to be the ultimate exterior coating and is installed with a lifetime warranty.

Q. What about other companies claiming to have “never paint again” products?
A. Be careful! There are many companies popping up claiming to have permanent coatings. How can you discern if it’s a genuine claim? Manufacturers know the true lifespan of their products. If the contractor won’t tell you who supply their product, they may be protecting the manufacturer against product failure. Furthermore, sometimes contractors make claims that are not even endorsed by the manufacturer! Always find out who makes the product and how well they’re willing stand behind it.

Q.I have a beach home. Can Lifetime Coatings protect it?

A. Yes! It is ideal as a coating for homes near the beach because it is resistant to high winds, salty air, and the effects of wind-blown sand.

Q. Won’t Lifetime Coating crack or peel off over time?
A. No! Because it is much thicker than paint, Lifetime Coating moves and breathes with your home. If the product applied to your home doesn’t stretch with the wood, the product will fail. Many paint companies and contractors don’t like to talk about this. Unlike most other coatings on the market today, Lifetime Coating allows the coated surface to breathe. Some coatings such as ceramic coatings and oils trap moisture beneath them. As this moisture evaporates, it cannot easily escape, putting pressure on the coating, which ultimately causes blistering, flaking and peeling. The spaces between the emulsified polymer micro sphere molecules in Lifetime Coating allow this vapor to escape. Lifetime coating is time-tested. This is how we can offer a lifetime of ownership and a transferable 30-Year warranty.

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