Can you paint vinyl siding

Lifetime Coatings Specializes in coating vinyl siding with a maintenance-free coating with a 30 yr warranty. Vinyl siding was introduced in the 1950s and since then, has been sold as an exterior option that never needs updating. But while vinyl siding does fade more slowly than exterior paint and is less susceptible to the damaging effects of extreme weather, it will fade, oxidize, chalk and sustain damage over time. Eventually, the homeowner who thought vinyl was the ultimate ‘install it and forget about it’ option is going to see his or her home’s exterior siding looking increasingly tired and dull.

Replacing old vinyl siding is expensive. Simply living with faded, drab siding isn’t the only alternative. Sad-looking vinyl siding can lower the resale value of an otherwise beautiful house. The answer is an update, and the answer to the question “Can you paint vinyl siding?” is yes. You can paint vinyl siding. The next question is “How long will it last’? Standard Exterior paints do not bond well on worn oxidized and chalky vinyl siding. Furthermore, they do not expand and contract at the same rate as vinyl. Vinyl expands and contracts much more significantly than other materials as temperature changes. That means that in addition to changing size and shape as winter gives way to spring, vinyl siding also grows and shrinks throughout the day as it is exposed to sun and shade, and when the sun goes down. As a consequence, standard acrylic latex paints don’t bond well with vinyl and under certain conditions, painted vinyl can even warp If the paint that is applied is Darker in Color than the original vinyl.

Exterior paints will fail and begin to bubble and peel in far less time than new Vinyl Siding. Savvy homeowners choose vinyl siding because it is maintenance-free for 25 years or more. Lifetime coatings are the solution to this problem. Spray on siding is a long term maintenance-free coating, that permanently bonds with the vinyl substrate through the use of cross-linking polymers with a vinyl-based bonding coat. 3 coats are applied to build the mill thickness of the total coating to 10 x thicker than standard paints. After the bonding coat, the second and third coats use a solar reflective polymer microsphere with a solar reflective index of 85 % This reflects the suns destructive UV rays and allows for darker colors to be applied over the lighter vinyl siding, that is not possible with standard paints. It also reduces energy costs for UV heat transfer penetrating the home’s walls through the vinyl siding. The coating encapsulates far more mildicide to resist mold and mildew for far longer than vinyl siding or paint. This makes for a true maintenance-free home that requires far less pressure cleaning over time. Lifetimecoatings Spray on siding comes in 1000s of colors for Homeowners in search of a more custom Look, The tints are encapsulated in the coating at a greater mill thickness, These tints for colors are far more colorfast and resist fading much longer than Vinyl siding or paints.

With Lifetimecoatings you always receive a free, professional exterior coating consultation during which you’ll be given a knowledgeable opinion on how best to proceed. We understand the challenges that come with coating vinyl siding, and we can help you understand the solutions. A detailed proposal will be sent to you with a fixed cost to complete the work. Call us for a free estimate at 757 718 4162.

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