Lifetime Coating Specialties will keep your home’s exterior maintenance free for 30 yrs with the longest warranty in the business.Lifetime Coating Specialties Spray on siding coatings are the ultimate permanent exterior coating system. A technologically advanced 3m micro-sphere polymer exterior coating that breaks the perpetual exterior painting cycle to never paint again.

Lifetime Coating Specialties is a family owned full-service waterproofing, specialty coating, painting contracting company. We have the best warranty in the business, keeping your property truly maintenance free for 30 yrs with our innovative exterior products including Lifetime Coatings Spray on Siding, Aluminum trim wrap and traditional vinyl siding. We are passionate about what we do and have our clients trust and best interest in mind in choosing the best products for their individual purpose. We separate our selves from our competition by bringing the best value to our clients with the most innovative newest technology products to complete, waterproof and seal the substrate.


We specialize in creating maintenance-free exteriors so our clients can relax and enjoy their free time without the hassle of keeping up with, replacing or repairing them every few years. We identify ways to better weatherize and waterproof the projects roofing,flashing and gutters,as a result, save our clients money and years of stress maintaining their home’s exteriors. Lifetime Coating’s Spray On Siding performs on almost all substrates including, wood, stucco, EIFS, brick, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, and masonry block. In extreme warm and cold weather climates. Through the use of purpose made bonding coats for specific substrates in a three-coat process that seals them completely yet stays breathable to let moisture vapor escape. Along with 50 yr Full urethane proprietary caulking sealing on all wood gaps,miters, windows and doors. These type sealants expand 10x their size and never shrink or crack. The coatings microspheres form an insulative polymer layer that creates a high solar reflective index to reflect heat and cold to maintain an energy efficient coating and reduce energy costs and power bills.

The phrase “A man’s home is his castle” is a fundamental one and a primary reason that Lifetime Coatings has revolutionized the home improvement industry. The tremendous results of the application of Lifetime Coatings to homes and commercial buildings truly make Lifetime Coatings Spray on siding a twenty-first-century miracle.

We are Tidewaters best Specialty coating and Vinyl Siding contractor, performing everything from small vinyl siding repairs to full vinyl siding installations. With jobs located all over Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, as well as many mid-Atlantic states. We carry many types and brands including James Hardi siding, Smart Siding, Energy efficient, Simonton vinyl and Anderson wood windows and doors, composite rails & deck flooring and custom color concrete coatings We are Tidewaters best siding contractor, rather a full vinyl siding installation is required or a small vinyl repair, we save our clients thousands of dollars with our innovative vinyl repairs and have over 1500 colors in stock. We have installation crews all along with the mid-Atlantic states ready to help you with your exterior needs.

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